Date: Tuesday, January 31th, 2017
Time: 6pm - 9pm
LocationTatte Harvard Sq.
InstructorLauren Shanley, Director of Bakery Operations  Aditya Sastri,Head Baker
Class Size: 12
Class Price: $150
Class Description: Here you will learn the secret to making your very own lean dough, like baguettes, epis, and all their other forms, focaccia and how many different ways you can vary it, and sourdough and how to feed your starter in your very own kitchen at home.  Our  Director of Bakery Operations, Lauren Shanley & Head Baker, Aditya Sastri, will teach you all about gluten, mixing techniques and natural yeasts. You even get to take home a little bit of Tatte with you in the form of our very own sourdough starter and the bread you made during class of course.  In addition, we will help you solve the mystery of achieving that perfect, crispy, golden crust at home without the professional oven.
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